Selasa, 20 September 2011

Blackberry Messenger 6.0

RIM today released the latest update BlackBerry Messenger 6.0. From the user interface, it looks nothing has changed. The biggest update is in support of BBM connected. Where you can interact with each other through an application that already supports the features of BBM connected.

The BBM connected app is service of BBM that will allow you to interact, not just using BBM but interacting with each other within the application itself. Simply put, with BBM connected game app, you can invite your friends who are in the list of BBM to play the game together, then chat in real time, and still you can do in the middle of a game – no need to get out of the game.

Other additional features which you can find are sharing application. Where you can simply tell your friends, when you find a cool BBM Connected application. It is easy, through the application you can simply choose which friend you want to tell.

In addition, you can get updates of what applications your friends have by seeing their BBM profile. If interested, your friends can directly download the application from the BlackBerry App World by simply clicking on an embedded application in their BBM profile.

Operamini Bolt4.2 + Screenshot

This is a browser that operamini The design of experiments Popular WITH WITH Amazingly Additional screenshots.
Where Will YOU FOR THE Trying Browser Screenshot Extra that allows you to take pictures kejadia.
Equipped with cool graphics WITH inexpensive models provided some features.
Support WITH LCD Resolution 240 x 320 pixels.

Java game Aleste

This is an exciting adventure of a robot battle machine Aleste.
Where you must fight against the fort was full of weapons to be able to earn points and perfect victory.
Equipped with cool graphics and some pretty interesting stage level.
Support with LCD resolution 240×320 pixels.
Download Aleste.Jar